Goliath gets angry all the time. The tiniest thing can spark off his rages. Birds singing. Crocs crunching. Even a badly timed birthday party. Luckily, Goliath realises that, whilst he can’t stop getting angry, he can control how he gets angry. His new theory is soon put to the test by the world’s worst parrot. 
Published by New Frontier, featuring lots of hilarious, expressive illustrated animals by illustrator Craig Shuttlewood, Storm Goliath, which was included in EmpathyLab's 2023 Read For Empathy collection, offers a crucial starting point for talking to children about empathy and BIG feelings. 
Whilst Goliath learns to control his anger in a way that's right for him, it's always important to acknowledge that everyone is different. What works for one child may not work for another. So, we also create a poster for schools with some other ways to turn anger, hanger and sanger back into caaaaaaaaaalm. 
As part of the Dealing with Feeling series, I also do EmpathyLab events at schools, shops and libraries around the UK, remotely and virtually, teaching children how to recognise and manage big feelings, both in themselves and others, encouraging them to be more empathetic. 
Published by New Frontier.
Illustrated by Craig Shuttlewood.
Credit: Author.