In episode one, Nile sits down with Happy Hood pioneer and writer of the viral track, Billie Eilish, Armani White, to discuss how songwriting has (or hasn't) changed.  
In episode two, the dynamic DJ Duo, Altego, chat to Nile about sampling. Is it a valid art form? Or is everything Altego create simply fraudulent? 
In episode three, INJI discusses collaboration with Nile, explaining how she gave her track, Gaslight, to the internet to do whatever they want with, and how her whole career began with one 15 second video. Nile reveals who the best melody writer he has ever worked with was. (Hint: It wasn't Bowie, Diana Ross, MJ or Madonna.)  
In episode Four, Nile chats to Dreya Mac about how the art of showmanship has changed over the years, Nile even gives Dreya's signature BADDIE moves a go. 
Directed by Theo Williams.
Credit: Creative Director.