From the bulldozers, to the plantations, to the way the orangutans moved, every detail was grounded in reality. Even the background sounds were sourced from various BBC documentaries. Here's a snapshot of how we made it ... 
Here's the case study, which starts to explain how the film went viral with over 80 million online views ...
The story inspired a whole new wave of eco-warriors around the world. Some did their own readings. Some made videos. Some wrote stories. Some protested. Most schools designed posters.
One school sent a video-letter to every company that has been linked to dirty palm oil, asking them all to stick to their palm oil targets. A lot of the companies even responded, including IKEA, Mondelez, Colgate and P&G. 
There were many highlights throughout this campaign, including being personally torn to shreds by Fox News, but the best was hearing that Wilmar, the world's biggest palm oil supplier, committed to eliminating illegal palm oil suppliers from its supply chain, citing the story as a contributing factor. 
Original film directed by Salon Alpin of Passion Pictures.
Credit: Author & Creative (Solo).