Created using over 90% recycled materials, we turned Rang-tan's story into an interactive theatre production. With a twelve-week run and nearly 200 performances, we set out to further educate, entertain and empower the next generation. 
Jag-wah, voiced by Doc Brown, was covered in arial photos of the Amazon burning and warned children about the dangers of our industrial meat system. Turtle, voiced by Rag 'n' Bone Man, was covered in photos of plastic in the ocean and touched on the many dangers he faces, from industrial fishing, to plastic pollution, to deep-sea-drilling. Rang-tan, once again voiced by Emma Thompson, was covered in images of palm seeds and continued to spread the truth about palm oil.
Reviews were good. Mostly.
Directed (and designed) by Maia Kirkman Richards.
Production: Little Angel Theatre. Credit: Playwright.